Virtual Mobility in Cyprus-October 2021

  • Online meeting of the ERASMUS+ project "FuturEU Students as Transmitters of Cultural Heritage"

    ( 6-12/10/2021)


    In the framework of the ERASMUS+ project "FuturEU Students as Transmitters of Cultural Heritage" students of the Schools took part from 6 to 12 October 2021 in an online meeting with a group of partner teachers and students from Cyprus, Lithuania and Romania.

    Terra Santa College (Cyprus), Alytaus Panemunes Pagrindine Mokykla (Lithuania), Scoala Gimnaziala Pietroasa (Romania) and E. Mantoulidis Schools (Greece).

    Cyprus, as the host country, welcomed us online and the participants gave us a tour of both the school and the city of Nicosia. The students learned about its history (Green Line, Turkish invasion) and were guided through various parts of the island, representative of Cyprus' tradition. They got to know Lefkara, a traditional village and toured workshops for the preparation of traditional products.

    The countries participating in the programme presented samples of their local traditional music and discussed the similarities and differences they identified in rhythm, sounds and musical instruments. They also learned the biography of important music makers , who composed music that reflects the particular tradition of each country. As part of the presentation of Greek traditional music, two of our students accompanied by the mathematics teacher Mr. Elias Katsogiannis played and sang live representative songs of our country.


    Then the students presented traditional fairy tales through which heroes and ideas that are commonplace in all countries and highlight their common characteristics were highlighted. Each activity was followed by a discussion of their impressions and interactive workshops.

    Our online trip to Cyprus was the last stop of a beautiful journey that started in October 2018. At the end of the project, the students and teachers who took part had the opportunity to become bearers not only of their own tradition but also of the other partners. It was an excellent course that included both face-to-face and online meetings, during which we got to know places, musical traditions, tastes and made many friends. We all feel grateful to have lived this experience.


    You can enjoy our Mandoulides Schools presentations here