Virtual Mobility in Romania-March 2021

  • Mandoulides Schools Presentation for Virtual Reality - Romania.pdf


    Online meeting hosted by Romania


    The health restrictions imposed by the pandemic forced us to meet via the GoogleMeet platform. The Romanian school was the organizer.

    During the meetings, customs and traditions of Romania were presented and common features were sought in the traditions of the other partners.

    The Lithuanian school teachers conducted an online workshop on making traditional games and the Cypriot delegation presented the national liberation struggle of the Cypriot people.

    Finally, on the occasion of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, we presented the events of this historical period, the impact they had on the world community and the customs of its celebration on our national holiday.


    But the highlight of our presentation was the recipe presented and executed live by Christos Chryssohoidis' mother. It was a Greek traditional dish, Bakaliaros skordalia (Codfish with garlic potato sauce) customarily cooked in every Greek hoouse on the occasion of the 25th March celebrations.  We saw the whole preparation in a traditional Greek kitchen, and in the end all the participants enjoyed a virtual sip of  Tsipouro (ouzo). 

    Our tradition was shared with all the participapants who wished they were with us. Both our history and were shared with our friends and we became transmitters of their traditions of toy and shoe making. 

    Who could not have asked for more!!