TERRA SANTA COLLEGE: A few words about our school

  • Terra Santa College is a private school in the heart of Nicosia and it was founded by a group of monks of the Franciscan Fathers’ Order back in 1646aiming to unfold and enhance the elements of Virtue, Diligence and Creativity in the spirit of Saint Francis’ teachings: an educational body with legal personality which consists of 3 levels of education: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary education. Our school is a private school with 400 students,50 teaching and 15 administrative/services staff. There are 30 classrooms,10 labs,1 library,1 gym,4 sports fields and an events room. As far as teaching is concerned, we are a relatively modern school, many of our classrooms are equipped with interactive white-boards and internet connection. Therefore, the working environment at our school is very positive with emphasis on cooperation and teamwork and the school management is supportive to these kinds of initiatives acknowledging that through the realization of such a project, educational and cultural benefits are gained by both students and teachers. On 28/01/2013, Terra Santa College has also signed a contract of collaboration with the University of Cyprus, which is a high-prestige university and it enhances our teaching curriculum by providing guidance and specific training courses. The teachers in the Secondary Section have significant experience in Sciences, Languages, Classical Studies, Arts, Economics etc. Almost everyone has completed postgraduate and qualification courses. Even though all teachers are regularly gaining knowledge and experience in the field of international cooperation via eTwinning and other EU programmes, they’re also willing to do as much as possible to contribute to this project’s successful implementation as substitutes or as fellow members, having as key people in charge of running the project in the school 1 leading teacher, Sophia Violari and Evagoras Aristotelous, the headmaster of Secondary Education. In particular, Sophia Violari has been an Italian teacher for more than 9 years with expertise in Translation in both English and Italian. She has also been the coordinator of our school’s European Programmes’ Committee since 2012. Styliana Athanasiou and Costas Dalites (English teachers) are amongst the key persons involved in the project. All teachers have been and some are still members of our school’s Voluntary Work Committee which has been awarded by the Ministry of Education in 2017. We’ve previously been involved in 2 Erasmus+ projects and we strongly believe that in collaboration with the parents association and the local community we are definitely in position to cooperate well and successfully with all our chosen partners and carrying out this project with high quality results. The participation of our students in this multicultural project with emphasis on their active citizenship in Europe and concerning their local cultural heritage is a fact that determines the multiculturalism notion of our project with all its rights, norms and responsibilities towards the fulfillment of the project’s activities beyond borders, origins and different backgrounds.



    Διεύθυνση:Λυκούργου 12, Ακρόπολη

                     Ταχ. Θυρίδα 21546

                     Τ.Κ. 1510

                     Λευκωσία, Κύπρος

    ​Τηλ: +357 22421100, +357 22421371

    Φαξ: +357 22317565

    ​Email: terrasantacollege@cytanet.com.cy

    ​Website: www.terrasantacy.com