IES Costa del obtains eTwinning School label 2019
    Congratulations to IES Costa del Sol for obtaining European Quality Label
    Promotion of Intercultural week and Erasmus/etwinning

    Promo video on our Facebook page to disseminate our intercultural and european project´s work

    Our visual supports for our Green Alliance project

    Dissemiation of our visual supports on our Facebook page.

    Visual communication of our project.

    Dissemination on Facebook

    Project work disseminated on Green Alliance Facebook and You tube channel
    Colegiul Agricol și de Industrie Alimentară „Vasile Adamachi”, Iași - Romania Erasmus + „Green Alliance” activities dissemination
    Colegiul Agricol și de Industrie Alimentară „Vasile Adamachi”, Iași - Romania Erasmus + „Green Alliance” artistic moment
    Solidarity NGO IES Costa del Sol

    When solidarity comes out of our classrooms

    Sharing our territory, sharing our culture!
    Project´s facebook

    Green Alliance´s Facebook for dissemination of enviromental contents

    Green Alliance´s Web page

    Official project´s web

    Italian dissemination

    IIS Della Corte- Vanvitelli -Green Alliance -Facebook page

    Public Dissemination event at school- IIs Della Corte Vanvitelli with parents, teachers . students

    Public Event to give a prize to the twinner students of the logo competition .

    Italian School Website used to disseminate the project

    It is the link to our school website

    Parents' meeting to disseminate the project

    Meeting with parents teachers and students. The event was a successful one . The families involved were enthustiastic

    Dissemination event- Presentation of the project
    An article in an internet radio

    An article about students and teachers' visit to Nazilli,Turkey (February 2019) appeared in internet radio website - Radio Centrum.