Collaborative day of Water World Day

  • Water World Day

    Today is Water World Day. Lets Exchange information , posters, sentences.
    Water issues reported by Greenpeace

    The ONG informed about the death of a river in Brazil

    Nada El Achouri .Spain

    Let´s change the world and take awarness among teenagers because we are the future!!

    Nada El achouri

    We are the future!!

    Jannik Gross (Spain)

    It´s save to say that there would´nt be any life without water. We all need it and should try to protect the access to clean water. It is the source of life. Water is a human right.

    Öykü Öztürk. Turkey
    Hafsa Fadlaoui

    I share my picture in arabic. I am learning to speak spanish.

    Let´s change our world

    If we continue to pollute, we wont able enjoy our planet. We are the future and we must look after the planet!

    Brisa Todaro

    Today is Water World Day. We must be more aware of the importance of water and the planet. It is essential for every living being. We must take care and respect it. Nature gives us life so our generation has the need to help and keep safe the planet!

    Happy World Water Day

    Water is the main resource needed for life but can not be enjoyed by all the people of the planet.
    Negru Raluca - Romania


    The water is very important for the human beings.

    World Water Day

    Water is part of us, of our lives, of what we are.
    Nico- Romania

    World water day

    Let's celebrate this day to rise awareness of the responsible use of water.

    Water World Day

    Water is a vital gift for life and for this reason it should not be wasted.
    Ernesto Piazzetta- Italy

    Water World Day

    Water of everyone without conflicts
    Gianna- Italy

    Water World Day

    Water is vital for all things, not only for drinking but also for industry. Everyone should do something to save water and improve it's quality.
    Alessio Calabrese-Italy

    Water World Day

    Water is one of the most important goods in the world.

    Water Day

    Water - the essence of life
    Toporas Alexandru - Romania

    Water - abundance and necessity

    Statistics show that a normal person consumes an average of 343 liters of water in a single day. Think there are countries in the world where people have no drinking water. For this reason, protecting the planet is very important because it is the only one that can provide us with the resources to support our lives.
    Delia Andrei - Romania

    World Water Day

    We must save the water from pollution!!!


    I worry about the levels of pollution in water,

    Making water filters for International Water Day - ZSP in Dębe
    Water is Life
    Water Day

    "This year, our school celebrated the World Water Day (28th March) and the World Health Day (7th April). As part of the activities taken in our school, students in biology and chemistry classes checked the mineralization of water available in stores, compared them and determined which one is the best for the human body. The information board about the properties of water, the right amount of daily intake and its amazing properties for living creatures was also made in the school hall, year 7 students carried out experiments, which as a result examined, among other things, the solubility of substances in water, the formation of solutions with various concentrations and water permeability. Together we came to the conclusion that water is one of the most important substances on Earth, without which there would be no life"