Regulations of the Erasmus + logo competition "Green Alliance"

     I. General provisions:

    1. The organizer of the competition is the school's project coordinator

    2. The competition is addressed to students of schools participating in the GREEN ALLIANCE project

    3. The competition task is to develop and produce the logo of the project

    II. The objectives of the competition

    • dissemination of knowledge in the field of ecology and environmental protection among students,

    • promoting individual responsibility for our environment,

    • improving the ability to communicate in a foreign language,

    • improving skills in information technology,

    We invite everyone who wants to participate in the project, as well as other people who have good ideas and artistic sense to create a logo design.

    III. Content of the logo

    The logo should present our project and should therefore be related to ecology, it should show that it is an international project involving 5 countries (Italy, Turkey, Spain, Romania and Poland)

    IV. Range and conditions of participation in the competition:

    • The competition is addressed to GREEN ALLIANCE partner school students

    • Only projects by the participant can be submitted to the competition, they must not infringe copyrights of third parties, and they can not be previously published.

    • Only one person can be the author of the work.

    • The competition consists of two stages: school and international

    V. Rules for conducting the competition:

    Graphic form and technical requirements

    Computer graphics or scanned drawing / freehand painting.

    The logo must be square, 10 × 10 cm, 300 dpi resolution. It should be simple, without small details, legible both in small on-line size and in large-format printing on posters.

    Organiizers / teams responsible for conducting and resolving particular stages:

    • school stage - school head, school project coordinator, IT teachers, art teachers, geography teachers, biology teachers,etc.  (minimum 3 people)

    • international stage - teachers and pupils from partner schools present at a project meeting in Turkey

    Time frame:

    School stage 5 November 2018 - 15 January 2019

    International stage - 10 – 16 February 2019

    Number of participants moving to the next stages of the competition:

    • 1st prize winners from individual schools pass from the school stage to the international stage

    Evaluation rules:

    Only individual works will be assessed. Evaluation will be subject to:

    • compliance with the regulations,

    • substantive correctness,

    • creativity,

    • legibility of the message,

    Principles of rewarding:

    • the competition commission at the school stage grants 1st, 2nd and 3rd place,

    • the competition committee at the international stage awards first place.


    • awards for the winners at the school stage will be purchased from the financial resources of the project of individual schools (project management)) and at the international stage (from the project coordinator's funds). In addition, the winning logo will become the official logo of the project.

    VI Final provisions

    1. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to publish competition entries in the whole or in fragments in advertising, occasional publications, press materials, the Internet and others.

    2. The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations, including the distribution of prizes at the school and on international level.

    3. Regulations and results of the competition will be posted on the websites of individual schools and on the eTwinning platform of the GREEN ALLIANCE project

    We warmly ENCOURAGE to participate in the competition!