Nazilli Anadolu Lisesi- Turkey

  • Nazilli Anatolian High School

    Nazilli Anatolian High School has been standing since 1986. It has been a public school with 700 students and 51 teachers. English and German are taught as foreign languages besides other school subjects.

    Our students have been successful not only at university exams but also at social competitions. Graduates are still in touch with us and they have even set up a NAL-family association in order to support their present friends at school with their experiences and help them to find jobs. Making projects and applying for competitions are musts here.

    Since 2008 we have made two Comenius Projects with 9 European schools. These projects have been rewarded with e-twinning quality labels. Up to now we have conducted five e-twinning projects.We also completed our tasks for Expo-Milano 2015 among 2750 schools and took our place among to 250 schools.

    Between 2017-2018 we planted 10000 trees for Eno Treelympics which was organised by Finland. Our teachers are very good at using technology because of having smart boards in all classes. Lessons are taught visually and this creates effective and live learning. We all have aimed at helping our students to be good human beings and active citizenships. 

    Our school and its staff can contribute to Projects because of having experiences and expertises in European projects since 2008. We conducted our first Comenius
    project ‘’Food and Health’’ between 2008 -2010. This project supplied good eating habits and lifestyles among students and teachers. We also learned different cultures and cuisines by cooking and tasting very delicious meals. Our second project is called “Green Building”. Between 2012-2014 we studied different ways of planning, designing and constructing in Europe.

    We realized how important it is to live in a green building in order to help our eco-system. Together by exchanging our architectural history, we made a demo of our own Green Building. These experiences have added great value to our organisation in what concerns a European dimension, development of language skills and increased knowledge of other cultures.