Green Clubs IES Costa del Sol

    Our school works in Green clubs . Every year we have a plant sale to raise funds for our NGO Educar en valores.

    IES Costa del Sol with Africa online and live event

    Please join us on this event.

    Green Club warrior

    Italian green Club
    The School IIS Della Corte -Vanvitelli has created a green Club "Students in this group are called "Sentinelle ecologiche. Green Warriors. They help in cleaning the school . They strongly love Nature. The responsible teacher is Mr. Pellegrino Gambardella.

    Italian Green Club warrior
    Italian Student from Green Club "Sentinelle Ecologiche"
    IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli e la bellezza

    Green Club Activity.The video has been created by the teacher Pellegrino Gambardella

  • Italian students from IIS Della Corte- Vanvitelli - Cava de' Tirreni - Italy working in the school garden as Ecological soldiers