Colegiul Agricol si de Industrie Alimentara "Vasile Adamachi- Romania

  •           “Vasile Adamachi” Agriculture and Food Industry College Iasi is situated in the northern part of Iasi, city located in the NE region of Romania. Our school has a very long tradition as an educational institution, tradition that goes back to the early 1920s. We prepare young people in the spirit of democratic citizenship, entrepreneurship, we respect the equality of chances in their preparation in order to be citizens of a United Europe. Our school select the exams and quizzes, get involved in the promotion of cultural and artistic values in national and European projects aimed at improving the quality of school education, intercultural education, entrepreneurial education, environmental education, education against violence and drugs, moral education, health education, etc.

             The College has a varied educational offer which includes agricultural studies, environmental protection, food industry, economy, banqueting and mechanic. We consider that the best way to prepare young students for a job in one of the areas mentioned above is to give them the opportunity to put into practice the information taught during each profile’s special classes. For the present school year, we have 702 attending students with the age between 14 to 19 years old and about 50 teachers. The majority of students come from families facing different issues: unemployment, emigration, children with parents gone to work abroad. Three quarters of these students come from disadvantaged rural areas and given their social and financial situation, they receive social grants. Our school has a various experience in European projects. From the most recent ones, we can mention the Comenius Project called “Green Building” that our school carried out with 4 other partners between 2012-2014 and the Erasmus + project "School Companies" between 2016-2018.