C1: Poland

    Peer education has a big role in our school. The 5th and 6th graders act as peers to the 1st and 2nd graders helping them in many ways: playing together, helping them with homework, organizing events and lessons with them.

    What is our country preserved through. What do we value, what is important for us. What has had an influence on us Finns.


    Our municipality Mäntsälä presented by Kiira and Roosa:

    Our school presented by Ilkka and Akseli:

    Our country by the class 5A:

    Traditional, healthy recipes in our country made with vegetables and berries:

    Spinach pancakes


    Cold blueberry soup


    Our logo proposals for the logo competition in Poland:

    Pictures for our project calendar for the Polish mobility:

    C2: Italy

    A culture box: a box of items which are important to all of us Finns and of which we are proud of.

    Planning the culture box:

    The finished one in the front together with the Portuguese one:

    Items for the handicraft market in Sicily made of recycling materials:

    C3: Finland

    Our regular volunteering in the seniors' house Attendo. We sang a national song ang gave the seniors colourful pictures.

    Our regular volunteering Finland.pdf

    Our pop up book: my ten reasons to love my school:

    Finnish education system was a topic on many occassions. Here the head of education Janne Mäkinen makes a presentation to the teachers in the municipality hall:

    Broschures to public: Finnish, partly non-inclusive education in practice followed by a picture of the presentation by Ms Taru Kuparinen, the coordinator of special education in Mäntsälä.

    towards inclusion - Kopio.pptx


    Our volunteering associations. We concentrated on one, which we actively work with.

    Presentation on a volunteering association in Finland

    Presentation on volunteering celebrities:

    Volunteering celebrity Finland

    Volunteering celebrity Finland


    Our history and values:

    Our history and values Finland

    As part of our history, tradition and values we had a workshop on traditional Finnish instruments organized by a famous Finnish singer Mikko Perkoila.




    Simple steps to prevent early school leaving. A prsentation made by our school psychologist  Dr. Kari Kosonen:




    Finnish -English video dictionary:




    A video interview of a person who passed the upper secondary school and is studying now to become a teacher - despite all the difficulties she had and still has.





    KiVa programme against bullying is a Finnish concept and it's used in most schools in Finland. According to several researches it's effective against bullying in its various forms. It's adapted also by many other countries.




    Picture cards on emotions used in KiVa lessons



    Antibullying workshop: each pupil made a T-Shirt with a motive/text against bullying.



    Competiton of culinary art using fruit and vegetables, a Master Chef competition. The pupils worked in international teams of four and their task was to decorate a smail cake as beautifully as possible using fruit and berries. The winning teams (3) got a prize.

    Project memorybooks 1 (at school) and 2 (outside school):


    1. Prepare a Shadow theatre on Protecting Nature - each partner

    2. Donation- bringing food (each student one product) plus bringing one (handmade )toy for a pet (a dog or a cat)

    3. Each student and teacher brings a photo of their family (please add the name of your family to the photo, you can also mark who is who) 




    1. The Best Volunteer of My School -  a video or a presentation of the student who was most engaged in volunteering during the project 

    2. Preparing a small game, a jigsaw puzzle, a book with puzzles, cards (e.g. UNO), a local sweet, a teddy bear for Activity Boxes for students in hospital (to prevent them from boredom and help them have fun despite the difficult circumstances)

    3. Presenting  a local legend in the way you prefer.