• We want to learn about the cultural heritage of all the partner schools! :D

    This is why we will do a transnational collaborative task !


    This is the plan:

    1. Each parter school writes a summary of the national legend in English (deadline 31. XII 2020)

    2. Each legend summary should be divided into 4 sections/parts. Each part on a different google doc page.

    Polish legend: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1znQoDRa14OslGAMA62M1p9QTjK5pb3TurN9YnBaAM8Q/edit?usp=sharing

    Spanish legend:


    Italian legend:


    Portuguese legend:


    3. Students from each country read the summaries created by the partner schools , try to understand the meaning and create one scene for each  legend (DRAWINGS) (DEADLINE 22 I 2021)

    Poland is responsible for getting all the illustrations and answering all the questions related to the Polish legend, Italy for the Italian legend etc. 

    The plan for making the illustrations :

    Polish team:

    1. Italian Legend scene 1

    2. Portuguese legend scene 2

    3. Spanish Legend scene 3

    4. Polish legend scene 4

    Portuguese Team:

    1. Italian Legend scene 2

    2. Portuguese legend scene 3

    3. Spanish Legend scene 4

    4. Polish legend scene 1

    Italian Team:

    1. Italian Legend scene 3

    2. Portuguese legend scene 4

    3. Spanish Legend scene 1

    4. Polish legend scene 2

    Spanish Team:

    1. Italian Legend scene 4

    2. Portuguese legend scene 1

    3. Spanish Legend scene 2

    4. Polish legend scene 3


    4. The responsible school will put all the legends together in one book with the use of the story jumper. (II 2021)



    The teams consist of five members.

    Please share your names and gmail addresses (you can get in touch online by means of google hangouts) - coordinators