READ(Y)? welcome!


    Multidisciplinary / cross-curricular project in which we will involve students in many activities trying to motivate them to use school's  Library in the beginning and feel comfortable in any Library after, read Literature (or whatever they wish), express their own interpretation of the book they read and create discussions with peers based on their readings.

    This project has also as main aim to connect School's Library with the whole school community being meeting point of sharing knowledge and creative time and  also focuses to the pleasure of reading and the joy of "sharing" this experience with friends.

    In a nutshell, we hope to a common "ready to read" club among all schools. Meaning that our aim is not the reading skill but the joy of reading among students and the joy of talking with friends about what you have read. We hope, as a "side effect", that students will enhance language and ICT skills, critical thinking and creativity to the degree they are involved in the project's activities.