• A problem is a chance for you to do your best. Duke Ellington.
    The best way to resolve any problem in the human world is for all sides to sit down and talk. Dalai Lama.
    A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.Charles Kettering


    The basic information for this month is that we START - that means a lot of information, adaptation, discussion, and mainly communication. What we start now, we will use for the rest of the project :)

    Main tasks:
    - have active YEL clubs by the end of the month
    - elect the YEL club President in every club (they introduce themselves in FORUM - YEL clubs leaders forum)
    - choose the IT administrator in every club
    - create the month-based project structure of activities for the rest of the project
    - develop the skill of the month and create first club activity
    - YEL LOGO contest (click for details)

    Proposed month activity structure:
    1. Teambuilding meeting - know each other (share expectations, interests, motivation). Election of the President.
    2. Planning - how to develop the skill of the month - sharing ideas, scheduling activities. Materials will be provided by student experts from Slovakia and can be enriched by ideas from every club.
    3. Meeting of the leaders - online meeting of all leaders (know each other) - date will be specified
    4. Planning - first club activity - for the first month we want to let this open to the clubs with no restrictions (topic or form) - it can be meeting with director, debate on specific topic, meeting with an expert or lecture, going out for a pizza, whatever you clubs feel that will enrich them for the forst month. Club should test its communication, problemsolving and planning ability. Club should decide what the activity will be.
    5. Realisaton of planned tasks
    6. Evaluation - by using prepared forms and questionaires
    7. Report via Page - share all pictures, videos, outcomes

    SKILL OF THE MONTH (whichever club will be created later can work on these skills also in december) :
    ARGUMENTATION - What is an argument and how is it structured? Why is it vital for everyday activities? Evaluation of arguments - good/bad arguments.
    DEBATE - What is dabate? Types of debates. Watching a debate and evaluation of it. Realization of a moderated debate on chosen topic.

    SOURCE PAGE HERE - NOVEMBER - Debate and Argumentation - sources

    Feel free to add more sources via FORUM - NOVEMBER SKILL IDEAS