First of all - I would like to thank everyone participating in our Žilina Model United Nations conference and YEL project meeting in Žilina - you were all awesome :) 

    Based on the meetings here is a set of ideas for the second year of the project:

    • preparation of the club for the year 2 - structure, new members, promotion in schools, presidents selection and cooperation
    • creation of report pages - every month
    • preparation of the MUN in participaring schools for the second year
    • preparation of the ZAMUN 2017 conference - dais from participating schools
    • management of intellectual outputs (Milo and  participants defined in project)
    • Milo - creation of a new webpage for the YEL based on WordPress engine to promote international cooperation of clubs and their reports

    As the task for the May we together decided to create a report video about the club. It would be great to prepare all necessary media (pictures, videos, texts, interviews, ...) in May so in June we have the final videos from every school .

    Every school is free to create their own or shared projects (more were mantioned during the meeting) - don´t forget to report them in Twinspace :)