YEL Information Hub - October 2016

  • Dear YEL friends,

    I would like to welcome you all in the second year of the Young European Leaders enterprise. 

    The basic information was sent in September to every club (supervisors). Based on this information, here are the details related to October.

    1. The Club Presidents will be deciding about the topic of the month in a formal moderated debate via a WhatsApp group. It has been discussed with all the presidents known by the end of September. The debate was opened, we are waiting for the last presidents to join. After the final vote, the topic will be set.
    2. Clubs are expected to use their new skills from the year one to debate the topic (the form of the debate should be agreed by the members of the clubs themselves). A brief final report with the pictures from the debate should sum up the debate and its outcomes (e.g. Our club debated the topic "X". Participants duscussed the questions of ... . Our club strongly believes, that ) 
    3. Clubs are expected to create and manage an activity related to the topic of the month. The activity should promote the topic in any way (I saw many perfect activities last year). An outcome should be a short report describing the activity, including the pictures. 

    These are the duties, but never forget that your club is a group of people, who share their own time and interests :) Keep having fun as friends and develop together :)

    In case of any questions please contact me whenever - 24/7 :)