• Dear Yellers,

    this month is officially the last one of the project year one. After the first experience with the concept, I am glad that many clubs now feel what is important to have a good running team, what are the problems of each particular one and what will be impotrant for the next year, to create a group of people, who based on their individual needs and talents and on gradual improovement of certain skills can in the end create something for the sake of the whole society, focusing on vital issues - regional or global. I was so happy to hear about the activities and development of many yel clubs members during our meeting in Žilina after ZAMUN conference. Moreover to hear about further project in creative minds :)   

    This is the information which schould be the base stone for the next year - where we will further develop our clubs (in their own management).

    As for the month June, based on our YEL group work, there are these tasks left:

    • create and share the final video of each club
    • create the new webpage for the project

    The video is created in the club own management - and the club can use their teamwork skills. We (and I heared of other clubs) work hard on this :)

    Regarding the new webpage:

    • I am working on establishment of the new webpage with a profesional partner (our sponzor/conference partner)
    • the webpage will be -
    • there will be some work to manage the page - and it is one of the goals of the project - to evolve IT skills (we will use the professional Wordpress platform - whis is well known among students)
    • I need names of 2 students from each club and their contact - those who will be wotking in international team on the page - please send it to me ( till the  5th JUNE 2016 - so we can put the basic information in the page and start using it as our main webtool :)

    Whatever needed - please let me know :) 

    Sending lots of love to everyone from Slovakia :)