Young European leaders

Project aims to develop active leadership in young generation and develop all skills necessary to reach this goal (communication, diplomacy, teamwork, agenda of major geopolitical organizations). A wide range of activities is used to offer innovative and effective approach.



MUN is an academic simmulation of UNITED NATIONS. Students as delegates of different countries have to discuss and solve particular topic in particular committee - just like real delegates in real United Nations. (to learn about UN click here)

International MUN conferences are highly valued and prestigious academic events participated by elite students from many countries.The main benefits of participating MUN are:

  • high level diplomacy and leadership education
  • in deep study of major international issues from many fields - economy, international politics and security, international law, ecology, technology, and others
  • intensive training in communication, argumentation, critical thinking and negotiation skills
  • effective foreign language developement
  • internationalism - mutual activity of elite students from different countries
  • advanced information evaluation and management 
  • public speaking training
  • diplomatic writing skills - resolution 
  • freetime programme - city tours, tourism, semminars, cultural events, parties :)

Sound too official? Well :)



Zamun is the Žilina Model United Nations - a prestigious international MUN conference which takes place in Žilina, Slovakia. All the necessary information can be found in our webpage:

Important links:

Dress code
MUN glossary
Rules of Procedure (these are really complicated - please ask experienced MUN delegates or our students in exchcange to help you)
MUN procedure (information and videos to help newcomers)


Author: Imrich Milo
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