• Dear friends,

    ZAMUN is finally here! We have 20 schools from 11 countries :) Which means a lot of work for us and preparation for you :)

    After the previous important topics - Argumentation and Debate, Refutation, Relevance of information, Public speaking, and Resolution writing we have one really interesting skill for you this month - FALLACIES.  That one is really important :) It shows ourselves the quality of arguments we use in everyday life :) 

    You can find all the information about FALLACIES here (CLICK).

    The topic of the month is the most important part in our project - evaluation of the YEL and ZAMUN participation. We need to prepare the evaluation of the whole project and then discuss it after the ZAMUN conference during the activities planned in our project. MORE detailed information will be available soon here :)

    Of course, if your club decides to work on a special topic - feel free to do so :)

    Wishing everyone a great ZAMUN month!