• I. Activities and projects of the month:

    1. Teambuilding meeting - 29.10.2015/Escape club


    For the majority of the students thisThursday meant the beginning of fall break – not for us, the members of YEL Club. We tried not to oversleep and come at 11am to Escape Club, where the very first teambuilding was held.

    In large numbers, full of energy and expectations we sat ourselves and kept waiting for the day to commence. After a glowing welcome and several information we started to work. At the beginning we got to know each other through icebreakers and some other activities. Then our “captains” Lucia and Natália, alongside with our professor Milo, informed us about what expects us on that day and the following months as well. Working on topics, teamwork, using English and many other things we cannot avoid led us to brainstorm. Every one of us explained his motivation to become a part of YEL Club, what does he expect, what his contribution to Club can be and what would he like to work on. Every one also brought different ideas and aims what helped us to fill our flipchart rapidly, so we could continue in our program.

    Moreover we got to know Twinspace and his terms of use. Later on we continued with games that our captains managed to prepare and finally, coveted lunch. Fed and relaxed we started to divide ourselves into different positions and discuss the following meeting. After a little break we split into three groups in which we were required to make a draft of our logo, hymn, and motto and decide on the color combination of our Club. The last task, the last minutes and the last rests of energy were standing between us and the final image of our group. After half an hour of work was every team obligated to defend their creation in front of the other members. After all we used a piece from every work and put them together. Satisfied with ourselves and all that we have done, we played another game, gave thanks to the organization team for perfect day and went back home with a feeling that we belong to a group of amazing people.

    2. Participation in international BRATMUN2015 conference

    After a selection of our delegates for the BRATMUN2015 conference we were proud that all the 5 students chosen were from our YELclub. Our students represented IRAN and IRAK in 5 different committees (you can find details in this link

    Debates were inspiring and well as demanding, but after 3 days full of discussions we had the resolutions and were happy to participate :)

    3. Instagram page:

    We have decided to create and manage a Instagram profile/page for our club. We will use it to share information about us and our activities. The link  is here:

    4. Terrorism response - United for humanity

    After the devastating series of terroristic attacks in France, Lebanon, Egypt, and all over the world, we created a Frenchc flag, holding the 60 page list of attacks against humanity. We want to remind humans of theit basic value - humanity. Everyone needs to fight for it.


    We started to prepare a special project for the Red Ribbon Campain - more info in December.


    II. Skills of the month:

    Our club had a meeting to discuss the skill of the month - argumentation and debates. As majority of the members are experienced in these topics, our leaders explained the major points of the meeting and then 2 members of the club had their presentation with a few activities.

    Argumentation is really a vital skill for every day life. We need it to be able to explain what we think and need, to decide and to be able to work together on common goals.

    Apart from the meeting our members prepared revision and a special tasks for our FB web group.