• Dear all :)

    As I got the information from majority of the clubs, I am realy glad that YEL clubs are alive and vital :) Thanks to all the members for their energy and determination.

    December is a special month - the month of Christmass, deserved rest and athmosphere. Let's enjoy the most important - loved ones!

    Regarding the YEL tasks for december.

    Main tasks:

    • we still miss some profiles of the presidents in the forum. Please finish them so we can network the presidents. I will be more than glad to help you - just contact me - or send the brief profile on my mail ansd I can do it instead of you :) ( 
    • the topic of the month and related activity December is up to your club, since we cannot join presidents for now. You can FOR EXAMPLE choose the topic Christmass and make a simple activity - like discusion about it in YEL club. If your group want something more sophisticated, invite for the discussion other teachers, students and guests or create a mini project - like posters in school reminding that Christmass in third word is not so nice, fundraising for some charity, a special Christmass meeting in your school, interview, or whatever your club creates. It's the creativity we want to foster. Of course if your club feels that some other topic is more important - they can choose whatever topic they want and create an activity related to that. 
    • develop the skill of the month (bottom part of the page) - REFUTATION (basic discussion skill). Simple way - read the created handout and maybe one member of club can make a shotr presentation during meeting (activities are included). 
    • networking - after a video meeting SVK-GER, we would like to interact also with other clubs, to share information and answer your questions. TO HELP YOU. Please teachers write me a mail so we can arrange it. (meeting with Germany was and with Luxembourg is already organized). 
    • output page - by the end of this month in school, every club has to create their output page for the November and December activities (it can be ONLY ONE summarizing both months). This should be used to inspire and inform each other. 
      Please include - I. Activities of your club and II. Skill developement. As an example we have already created a webpage of GBZA for November (click to open it). Don't forget to include pictures (you will need them for national agency reports anyway) :) Please try to let the IT specialist/webmaster and the club do that (not just teachers - they have a lot of work anyway). Contact me if you need help. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS TO CREATE THE PAGE - SEND THE REPORT and PICTURES ON MY MAIL, I will create the page instead of you. 
    • voting on the best LOGO from the YEL LOGO COMPETITION. Please upload the proposals (if you have some) till December 1st latest, so we can start choosing the best

    Proposed month activity structure:

    1. Meeting to choose the topic of the month and discuss the club activity related to that. It can be just a club discussion about the topic  you chose or something more sophisticated
    2. Planning of the video-meeting with Imrich - teachers plase write a mail to when we can meet (GER and LUX already did)
    3. Meeting related to the skill of the month - students can prepare a little presentation based on our handout :)
    4. Realisation of the planned activities.
    5. Preparation of the report/output page and publishing - if you have problems send it on my mail and I will do it instead of you.
    6. Enjoy a great Christmass :)


    • if you didnt manage the skill of the November, please continue with that as well. You can find it HERE.