Healthy food. Have no fear...

The aim of this project is to help students and parents to learn and know about the topic of healthy eating. The project will be based on Competence-based approach. This project also aims to improve pupils┬┤ skill in Information and Communication Technologies. Overall, this approach will ensure that students can apply healthy eating to their own liv...


Now, pupils will examine different product packagings in order to know where those products come from

Linguistic and digital competences worked in this activity

Students must have a look at the packagings to see where does products come from and then they will  use the app "Food miles calculator" in order to see how long those products have been travelling before arriving to your city shops. Later they will tell their impressions and opinios.

Digital and mathematical competences worked




Once you have calculated how long do some products take to get to your city, could you leave some opinions and comments about it  please?



Pupils, using umapper created a map to illustrate where the products they buy in their city come from





After using the Food Miles Calculator, Spanish students got the following conclussions as they appear in the app

Here are some of Italian Students' works




A Local farmer came to our classroom to explain us how importan it is to consume local products


Author: Petros Provelengios
Last editor: Joserra Jimenez