Spanish School                     Greek School

    Joserra Jiménez                    Petros
    Lucas Rey School                  Ano Syros Primary School
    Lucas Rey 15                         A. Karga 5, Ano Syros
    01470 Amurrio (Araba)           84100 Syros
    Spain                                     Greece

    Polish School                                   Italian School
    Kasia                                                Giulia Gatticchi
    Szkola Podstawowa nr11                 Istituto PIO XI (Scuola media)
    im Subieskiego 5/7                          Via Umbertide II
    88-100 Inowroclaw                           00181 Rome
    Poland                                             Italy





    • This year, pupils will send each other Christmas cards related to the Project´s main theme

    Linguistic, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expresion competences worked

    • They will also exchange xmas ornaments (This year, the ornaments will be fruits, vegetables...)

    Cultural awareness and expression competences worked

    • But Christmas also means time to play and have fun. There are many games and apps for children to use and have fun

    Digital competence worked


    Xmas Presents sent by our European partners... Thanks a lot and Happy New Year

    Greek team received the cards








    XMAS TIME 2014/15

    Today when we come back to school we recived your wonderful Christmas Cards. Thank you so much for all gifts and good wishes and one more time Happy New Year