• We will start learning about healthy eating. Students will have a look to different materials related to the project´s main theme ( Pupils can have a look in Materials: Files: Healthy eating)

    Digital, learning to learn, linguistic and Science competences worked

    • Students can also play some games in order to see how much they know about healthy food.

    Learning to learn, Digital, linguistic and Science competences worked

    • Students can calculate their IBM and share it.

    Mathematics and Science, Digital, Linguistic,sense of initiative and entrepreneurship competences worked

    • Pupils will be given a "lunch diary" worksheet to take notes about what they eat during a week. They will calculate the percentage of food they eat and will share the results in the Forum. This way students can see if the percentages are different according to the countries they live in.

    Science,Mathematical,Digital, Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Cultural awareness and expression, Social and civic competences worked

    • Pupils will also create a food pyramid or a food wheel

    Science, Social and civic, Cultural and awareness and expression comptences worked

    • A skype meeting will take place for students to share information.

    Linguistic, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, digital competences worked.


    Click on the images bellow and start learning, studying and playing





    Ask your teacher to download the worsheet bellow. You have a week to fill it up and then all students will share their results


    Now let us know your healthy percentage using the calculator and publishing it in the FORUM



    Click on the image bellow and calculate your IBM



    Once you have calculated your IBM click on the link bellow and write down your name and IBM



    Click on the image bellow and tell us what you do to be healthy

    We worked very hard to know what is healthly...