Healthy food. Have no fear...

The aim of this project is to help students and parents to learn and know about the topic of healthy eating. The project will be based on Competence-based approach. This project also aims to improve pupils┬┤ skill in Information and Communication Technologies. Overall, this approach will ensure that students can apply healthy eating to their own liv...






Nowadays, one of the most dangerous illness among  our young people is “obesity”.

It is our intention to make children understand how important healthy food is to avoid obesity.

We also want our students to feel how a very fat person feels and the problems he/she has  along the day.

In order to do that, students will do the following activities.


Students will have to read a short tale related to “Obesity”

  • Each country has to draw an illustration ( a picture) about the paragraph each country has been assigned.

First paragraph (red colour) Greece

Second paragraph (blue colour) Italy

Third paragraph (orange colour) Spain

Fourth paragraph (green colour) Poland


Secondly, students will be recorded  reading the paragraph they have been told. This way the four different countries will have to collaborate to create the whole tale record


Communication in foreign languages,Digital competence,Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship,Cultural awareness and expression competences




MAX TALE: LISTENING I. Mixed european students telling us a tale about obesity




MAX TALE: LISTENING II. Mixed european students telling us a tale about obesity

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Click on the image and ejoy


How do you feel?

Students will be  tied up  with a rope, two  by two ( this way they will know what obsity is) and they will have to act as one person during the English session: sit together,teachers will tell them to do actions together ( go the blackboard and write something) jump, run…  We want our students to know how an obese person feels. Once this experiment is done… (we can record the students or take pictures), pupils will have to write down their impresions about what they feel.

Communication in foreign languages,Digital competence





Italian students' video: "being obese"


Greek students' video: "being obese" 






Italian Students' story






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