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    • It is time to meet and wish each other a merry and healthy Christmas.


    • It is also time for pupils to tell what they think about the project

    Linguistic, digital, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship competences worked













    Students´ opinions about the project

    According to Spanish students, they think the project is great as they are learning a lot about healthy food and habits and they are also very happy because they have the chance to meet new european friends.

    POLISH STUDENTS like the project very much, so far we ate all together healthy breakfast and we try to reduce sweets - which is very difficult in Christmas time. Our school joined programm fruit and vegetables at school and we eat every day vitamins. We like variety of tools that we use. It was a great experience to meet online our partners from different European countries - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP.

    ITALIAN STUDENTS. Unfortunately only one of the two classes was present for the meeting, it would have been too difficult for 60 students to participate. But the class IIIA loved it, it was really great! The project is growing and everybody is learning!