Healthy food. Have no fear...

The aim of this project is to help students and parents to learn and know about the topic of healthy eating. The project will be based on Competence-based approach. This project also aims to improve pupils´ skill in Information and Communication Technologies. Overall, this approach will ensure that students can apply healthy eating to their own liv...

Project Journal

  • May: Evaluation
    The project comes to an end and it is time to know if it was worthy.
    Students and teacher are asked to leave their opinions in two ways. On one hand, we want to know which activity you liked the best and on the other hand we want to evaluate the theme of the project; that is Healthy food.
    It was great to collaborate once again.
    We enjoyed it very much. See you soon

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    - Posted by Joserra Jimenez, 01.06.2015

  • March and April: Final Project I II III
    Our final goal is to cook a healthy recipe putting into practice what we have been learning along the project.
    Firstly, pupils will send each other seeds to be planted in their schools.
    Later, Students will learn how long does it take some products to get to their cities and its effects: pollution.
    Finally students will choose one recipe from other european school to be cooked.
    We will aslo use the blog: "Bon Appetit":

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    - Posted by Joserra Jimenez, 16.04.2015

  • January and February
    During these two months we have been working with different activities related to the theme: Eating disorders: obesity”
    We wanted our pupils to be conscious of the danger of being obese. In order to get that pupils have worked in mixed groups to carry on a tale about obesity. They have read, written, illustrated and recorded an audio to tell us the tale.
    Students have been tied with a rope during a period of time to work as one person so that they could know how an obese person feels. Pupils have published their comments to tell us how they feel when carrying on that activity.


    - Posted by Joserra Jimenez, 26.02.2015

  • November and December
    During these two months, students worked with three more activities.
    One of them was related to the healthy breakfast (students must be conscious about the importance of the breakfast.
    Students have also the chance to choose the Project Logo they like best.
    We have also done a midterm evaluation by means of Hangout.
    Now it is time to enjoy Christmas
    Happy New Year…

    - Posted by Joserra Jimenez, 22.12.2014

  • October and November

    This year we waited for the new Twinspace platform so the Project began in October.
    During October and November pupils and teachers have been working with different activities related to healthy food and habits.
    Firstly students and teachers have introduced themselves. Later on they have been able to know if they are healthy boys and girls. They have also worked with the food pyramid.
    All the activities have a forum for students and teachers to post comments related to the activities from the project.


    - Posted by Joserra Jimenez, 22.12.2014