• Key Competences

    Competences can be defined as a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes…lead to embodied human action in the world.

    European Framework includes 8 key competences:

    1. Communication in the mother tongue
    2. Communication in foreign languages
    3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
    4. Digital competence
    5. Learning to learn
    6. Social and civic competences
    7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
    8. Cultural awareness and expression.

    Our project: “Healthy food…have no fear” will try to develop pupil competences. In order to do that, teachers will discuss and decide about the right activities to be done by pupils.

    We will try to work with all the competences. There are two competences: "Communication in foreign languages" and "Digital competences" which are worked in all the pages and activities.

    By means of Etwinning and in this case through this project, we also emphasize the importance of competence development within a social learning context where pupils are engaged in active learning in real life situations.