Giovanna Gregorio & Paola Oggiano

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    Our school is situated at the border between Cagliari and Selargius, so we chose the Pisan Tower in Cagliari and the "casa campidanese" in Selargius. In Selargius there are many "case campidanesi", traditional houses of the Southern part of Sardinia. Many are still used as  normal houses, some others are now transformed in museums of folk traditions.


    Pisan tower: "Torre di San Pancrazio" (built between 1258 - 1326) is a famous Sardinian building. It is the highest tower in Cagliari. It has had many uses: for instance prison and hospital, now is a public building that people can visit and climb its wooden stairs. It was the main entrance to go into the old part of the town: "Castello".