Özlem Türk - Turkey


    Email ozlemturk112@hotmail.com
    School Name Ayşe Ahmet Atmaca Secondary School
    Student's ages 12
    Holidays 19.01.2018 -05.02.2018 semester holiday
    Lessons for Project Class

    I have lessons from 8.00 to 15.00 on weekdays.

    ONLY I am free on Wednesday and at the weekends

    Curriculum Unit 1:after school ( simple praesent tense , telling time, dances in countries)
    Unit ;2 yummy breakfast (food and drinks)
    Unit 3 ; a day in my city (present cont. Tense)
    Unit;4 weather and emotions
    Unit :5 At the fair (new words)
    Unit 6 Vacation ( simple past tense)
    Unit 7 occupations (describing a job)
    Unit:8 Dedectives at work (praesent cont.tense)
    Unit : 9 Saving the planet (present cont.tense and should)
    Unit: 10 Democracy ( mix tenses)