Yunus Deveci - Turkey

  •  We usually have olives, cheese,butter, butterfat, jam, honey, omelette, fries and tea or milk for breakfasts. They are the typical stuff to eat.

    However, the menu in my city i.e Gaziantep may differ on weekends or traditional day like ramadan fest. Most people may buy "katmer" which is a milky desert made with pistachio on a dough on weekends. To me, it is really yum ! :)

    Similarly, "beyran" is also a kind of soup made with meat and garlic. It is also popular and not  often cooked at home. People go to well-known restaurants to eat it.

    The other is "ciğer kebabı" or "cartlak kebabı" with its local name. It is a kind of kebab made with the liver of the lamb. People in this city sometimes prefer to eat it on Sundays.

    "Yuvarlama" is another type of soup made with meat and yoghurt. It is usually consumed in the morning on traditional days like Ramadan Feast.

    And finally, the last one to keep in mind is "nohut dürümü" :) Chickpea, tomatoes, onion, parsley, lime juice and chili pepper are gathered  together and served in a wrap.

    To sum, Gaziantep city has a large cuisine. Lamb meat is sometimes consumed here on some special days for breakfast. The ones told above are just the starters :)  Also, you can find more delicious and rich alternatives for lunch or dinner, too. 

    P.s. the kids' photos are the typical breakfast  in Turkey. Apart from the special ones told above,  most people have such food or drinks for breakfast.