Didem Turakine Şahin & Rusudan Karkadze







    In Turkey (Balıkesir), there are 17 studens. We tried to connect with Etwinning activity. But there was a problem about it so we used facebook to do video chat. My students and Rusundan's student used mobile phone one by one. When they started chatting the new friend, they asked questions about their daily routines and physical appearance. Then while the next students were talking they drew pictures of their new friends.


    Turkish Student's ideas after the meeting ;)

    Not only my project class but also other students in my school liked this activity. Everyone in my school talked about Georgian new friends for whole semester :) They had thought that foreigner children were very different from them. They said "They are just like us" :) My students are still telling me that "teacher, we should speak English more fluent because we want to ask them different things too" It was a great activity for me and for my school.

    photos from activity