Team 3 ( Azerbaijan & Turkey)

  • Mehriban Eyubova & Didem Turakine Şahin


    We created Turkish Folk Dance "Fidayda" tutorial. It is an amusing folk dance which is mostly performed in the Central Anatolia region at weddings. But if you go to a wedding ceremony in Turkey's whole regions, it is certain that you will hear this song and and see this dance is performing. 

    Our Music: 

    Azerbaijani National Dance

    "Naz Eleme"

    performed by Nadir Mamedov and Nigar Aliyeva

    (school #2 after E. Huseynov, Shamakhy) 

    "Naz Eleme" dance tutorial

    Naz Eleme (mp3)

    It was a great dance. We tried to learn and perform it. At the first time my students said that they can't do it. But they like the dance and practised more. Some of them learned faster. They helped each other. We performed it at the end. And we enjoyed so much. :) 

    We wanted to learn the name of a traditional object for this activity. So this is our traditional cloth "şalvar". The traditional clothing for women of Turkey includes the şalvar which is usually worn with upper garments of varying styles and lengths. The traditional şalvar suits are a part of Turkey's culture dating back to the Ottoman era. The şalvars are of varying degrees of bagginess and are gathered at the ankle. Bright colours and flowered prints are favoured by rural women.