• Our Time Table


    02.10.2017 starting the project
    03.10.2017 inviting and adding new partners to the project
    10.10.2017 planning a webinar to meet for the first time to decide activities
    28.10.2017 having the first webinar with the partners for the first time

    the first activity

    Our first activity is about simple present tense (unit :1 AFTER SCHOOL in meb English book) We use simple present tense and try to explain our hobbies,likes and dislikes to meet our new friends in webinars.We have teams and organise webinars with the partners in the classroom.Then the students try to draw their new friends to have fun .Finally teachers make a collage with these drawings using thinglilnk web 2 tool.


    11 / 12.11.2017 second webinar to discuss about second activity
    13.11 2017 - 30.11.2017

    Second activity

    Our second activity is about dancing.(unit:2 YUMMY BREAKFAST) There are lots of new dances from different countries in this unit so we need to dance .We have teams and show our natioanal dances then our team try to other team partner's dance with natioanal costumes.Also every country will teach a word which present their natioanl costume .Finally we have an international EDUDIGIPARK DANCE video.


    02.12.2017 / 03.12.2017 Third webinars to discuss about third and fourth activity
    02.12.2017 - 01.01.2018 Preparing our project boards
    02.12.2017 - 10.12.2017

    Third Activity

    Our third activity is about having breakfast.(unit :2 YUMMY BREAKFAST)Every student can learn  diffrent  breakfast habits of diffrent cultures with this activity.So they will have a selfie while having breakfast and the teachers will get them together finally we have EDUDIGIPARK BREAKFAST video.Also teachers will have a sample video to present their national foods and drinks on breakfast.Then these videos will be got together.



                                                                 JANUARY -APRIL

                SENDING LETTERS 

    The students in our project send letters ,cards ,gifts to each other for 4 months to make suprise or have contact to become sincire friend.Also this activity will be used for holiday times to keep in touch with our partners because our partners will have different holidays in this academic year according to their education system.So students can go on contact with these letters .




    fourth activity

    Our fourth activity is about describing places (unit:3 A DAY IN MY CITY)Every country will make a national house to show their natioanl houses and make a natioanal important building to present their historical places .Then they will take a photo of these models and we will make EDUDIGIPARK TOWN .Then we will make a game with these natioanal buildings and the students will try to help the man who has lost his way in this town in the game.In this EDUDIGIPARK TOWN there is a respect with different values and religions from different countries .



                                                            FEBRUARY -MARCH -APRIL

    Fifth activity

    Our fifth activity is about weather and emotions(unit:4 WEATHER &EMOTIONS)The students in this project will describe the weather conditions and their feelings in this activity.Every country will choose 3 cities in their country and students will draw 3 pictures for each city.One of the is about its usual waether condition ,the second one is about that city's scene and the third is about a subject in that scene .Then the students will talk about those cities in their native language .Finally we will make EDUDIGIPARK WEATHER AND EMOTION VIDEO by adding effects to those drawings.So the students drawings can move and live with those effects and we will use English subtitles in that video to explain the students' native talkings.The students will make a weather map and we will get these maps together to make EDUDIGIPARK MAP.We will work in teams and play a weather game .We will make a railing man to wear different clothes.We will make different faces to show emotions .Then we will play game with these materials with our teams .





    We will prepare quizes about our activities (costumes,countries,dances,foods and drinks,weathers and emotions,) and comments about EDUDIGIPARK .Then students and teachers will join these quizes to evaluate the project.





    Each country will have a dissemination activity (exhibition,presentaion)to show our project and end it.