19. BOOKLET (Extra work) - Final products presentation

  • 19. BOOKLET -  Final products presentation - Project Water Around us


    “Water Around Us — WAU” is an Erasmus + project, Key Action II (Strategic Partnerships for School Education), which was developed over three years (2014-2017), involving seven schools: one from Finland, Lauritsalan koulu, from Lappeenranta, two German schools, Balthasar-Neumann-Mittelschule of Werneck and Mittelschule Holderhecke of Bergrheinfeld, a school from Latvia, Rujienas vidusskola, Rujiena, a school from Spain, IES La Granja, Jerez de la Frontera, a school from Iceland, Grunnskolinn í Borgarnesi, Borgarnes and a school from Portugal (Coordinating School), Agrupamento de Escolas de Valongo, Valongo.
    This partnership began in a previous Comenius project, "Keep Fit and Active", developed during the years 2010-2012, with thirteen partner schools.

    It has been a cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices with the purpose of raising the level of the students’ motivation for the school activities and fostering the involvement of families in order to improve school outcomes, using innovative and more sucessful teaching/learning methods with creative activities complementary to the curriculum.

    This booklet is to be published in the year of the project closure,  highlighting the different phases of its development and respective products, seeking in this way its dissemination to a wider audience.

    To be noted that the quality of the project has been recognized in the different countries and National Agencies.

    The project has been news in many local and national newspapers or televisions.
    This booklet will be published in paper and in e-book format.

    Giving voice to the coordinator ...

    “Water around us” has been our school project in the last three years.

    We have learned to work together, to meet the needs of each of us, we have learned with all partners and we have got to know each better.

    Now we are not only partners but also FRIENDS.

    These have been three years of very hard work but also of very valuable experiences.

    We grew up not only as teachers but also as persons!

    It  has been a pleasure seeing our students working together, meeting each other, learning and sharing creative experiences and knowledge, doing innovative work.

    I would like to acknowledge all of those who took part in, teachers, students, partners and other, for their contribute to the success of the project.

    Thank you all!

    Isabel Castro

    Project coordinator



    The "Water Around Us-Wau" project is coming to an end.

    It was a path of innovation and creativity, of cooperation, sharing experiences and joint reflection, ... of hard work.
    Three years have been a very enriching journey for all involved, teachers, students, and families, but above all, a way to open up new paths for the education and training of the young Europeans of the 21th century.
    An enthusiastic group of motivated and motivating teachers was the assuarance  of the quality of this project.WAU!
    The "Water Around Us" project is undoubtedly a meaningful and deep learning partnership.

    Paula Sinde

    Agrupamento de Escolas de Valongo Diretor