2. Lexicon about WATER and Cards Game (Extra activity)

    2. Lexicon about WATER and Cards Game
    The aim of the lexicon was to familiarize participating students and teachers with words connected with water and their definitions. The lexicon was created only in English as it is the working language of our project Water Around Us-WAU.
    The school responsible for this product was Lauritsalan koulu in Lappeenranta. They created a google document in the form of an excel chart and sent a link to all the other schools. All participating schools were asked to fill in words with definitions that they found essential for the successful implementation of the project. The final list contained around 100 words.
    Lauritsalan koulu checked and completed the list bearing in mind that the lexicon was aimed to assist students up from twelve years of age when they are doing activities during the project. So the words chosen had to be relevant from the project substance point (water properties, water cycle and water areas) as well as the definitions concise and simple enough for even younger participating students to comprehend.
    The original list exists as a link in case some partners want to make use of the omitted or unedited words and definitions.
    For acquiring the words and definitions we also printed the same words and definitions on separate cards, so teachers and students can use them as a memory game or a simple matching exercise if they wish. 
    Example of the lexicon:
    Cards Game

    Students playing with cards game