11. Educational Games / Apps / Educational platforms

  • 11. Working on Educational Games / Apps / Educational platforms 
    Examples of educational games used in classroom
    Kahoot applications for android Mobil phones or tablets 
    Instructions: Students need a tablet or a smartphone to play. They go to the page: www.kahoot.it   The teacher starts the game on https://getkahoot.com on a computer that is connected with a screen and the game pin will appear on the screen. Students write the pin on their gadgets and create a nickname for themselves.Teacher can start the game when all the nicknames have appeared on the screen. There are thousands of games to choose from and if that is not enough, it’s very easy to create one’s own game. Just follow the instructions on the getkahoot.com. There are several types of games.
    Example of a Game : Water Hanging Game  created by a vocational class )(Portuguese school, 3ºTI,  Curso Profissional de Técnico de Gestão e Programação de Sistemas Informáticos),

    Example of a multi-phase game with different questions about: a game with the eAdventure platform, created by Instituto Educacion Secundária la Granja - Spain. A script was written, caricatures of each school coordinator were drawn as well as pictures and drawings for the different scenes with flags, typical objects, maps of Europe, signs and two pictures of each school, from inside and outside. A different position for each caricature, imitating the movement was prepared. The sounds of the voices of each character were recorded.


    Download e-adventure.e-ucm.es. Then you will find different questions about water with different options. The main character (the drop water) obtains the typical object when answering correctly.

    Only eight mistakes are allowed.

    Example of Educational games created