8. Publicity Leaflet/triptych (Extra activity)

  • 8. Publicity Leaflet/triptych 

    In addition to the planned activities, was carried out by the Spanish school, a leaflet to publicize the project.
    The idea of constructing the leaflet was based on the self-evaluation process carried out during the first year of activities, where it was identified the need to publicize and give greater visibility to the project, particularly in concrete aspects such as objectives, activities and schools involved among other aspects. 
    The Spanish school proposed the construction of a leaflet, which was translated into the different languages of the partnership and made available in each school of the partnership, both to the school community and to the local community.

    Leaflet/triptych - Spanish 
    Leaflet/triptych - English 
    Leaflet/triptych - Latvian 

     Leaflet/triptych - Portuguese