10. BOOKLET -Did you now - Facts about water

  • 10. BOOKLET -Did you now - Facts about water

    The Reference booklet: Did You Know? has 3 parts: Facts and curiosities, emblematic proverbs, and stories or sagas about the theme WATER. Each school of the partnership research and collected the most representatives and the students illustrate with photos or drawings. The selected material was sended to the school Instituto Educacion Secundária la Granja, in order to organize the layout, format and print, create the final version of the  booklet.

    The booklet "Did you know?" is registered and added to the National Book Shelf of  National Library of Latvia.
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    Everybody can order it if press  "Pasūtīt grāmatu".


    Example of the cover and a page
    Presentation in PP made by students (Extra Work, proposed by Portuguese students)