• Here is the link to the survey for teachers : https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/W7V6225

    Here are the results of the survey for teachers 

    A google form for parents to evaluate the impacts of our projects out of the school (capsus preschool)

    Among 29 families, 22 filled in the survey. Here are the results :

    Parents considered that learning using cross curriculum projects is an efficient way to learn.


    Mainly at home  the children talked about the cooking activity on etwinning live with our maltese partners and about the activities with bluebot or beebots.

    Parents thinks our projects gave our pupils a strong motivation.


    According to our parents 'opinion, the children developped these skills :

    Thinking skills : 71,4%

    Curiosity for researches : 61,9%

    Autonomy : 52,4%


    Collaborative working : 52,4%

    Creative skills : 52,4%

    Here are the last updated results. Only 3 families didn't answer !


    Children' s evaluation in France


    Bilan projet par les élèves

    Children's Evaluation Malta


    Made with Padlet

    Munich: What the pupils prefered in the project, what did they learn

    It was great because we could choose the end of the story ,if Chaloutorlado had friends or not. 

    I liked to press on Beebot buttons and make that Beebot go to the places of our story.

    I liked to choose with Scratch if Chaloutorlado would go forward or backward. I choosed that Chaloutorlado would make a frontflip. 

    With Scratch, we could do that Chaloutorlado jump, we could write. It was magic!

    I liked when we had to draw Chaloutorlado body. 

    It was a lot of work. We had to speak, to draw, to write, to hear.

    What we learnt

    We learned to make stories, to make books.

    We learned to draw better. We learned to draw owls.

    We learned to do a video, a digital book.

    We learned that we have to play with the other kids otherwise they are sad.

    Munich: Form for the parents to evaluate the impact of the project out of the school 

    The pupils talked a lot at home from our common story and also from the stories we read.

    According to our parents opinion, the pupils developped this skills:

    • Collaborative working 62,5%
    • Curiosity for researches 37,5%
    • Thinking skills 62,5%
    • Problem solve 50%

    They think the project gave the children a lot of motivation.






    students painted their opinion for this project!