Notre personnage principal / Our main character

  • 1) The main character will be collaborative. It will be a fantastic animal made of all of us. Each country will draw a part of it (cadavre exquis) and won't see the others' work. All the drawings will be sent to one of us who will create this extraordinary animal. The drawings have to be sent to Celine (by mail or twitter) so that nobody will see your work before the final product before the 20th January. What will you have to draw ?

    Body : Choussila's class

    Head : Murielle's class

    Front legs : Meropi's class

    Back legs : Romina's class

    Surprising accessories : Celine's class 

    In Andernos, here is the animal that inspired us :

    Our head was inspired by the squirrels that live everywhere in the trees here and the hat is inspired by the roof of our church on the beach 

    Our head :

    Choix de la syllabe :

    Les élèves ont fait des propositions et nous avons fait un premier vote. The children made proposals and we made a first vote. The winning syllabus at that time was LION. Le syllabe plébicité était LION. But Milana put her hand up to say that LION was not suitable for our creature ! It was too different from our animal. Other pupils answered a difference could be welcome.  So I asked the class 'opinion. More than 1/2 part found LION was NOT a good syllabus. So we erased all the syllabus they found not suitable and voted again. Now TOR is the winning syllabus, one more vote than for LOU ! What syllabus do you propose ?


    The story behind the back legs

    This is a story with a happy ending ... well, one of my students Zaroica was upset when her cat Kelsey died.  She had a lot of fond memories of her cat and remembered being small and sleeping with her cat.

    The only thing which helped was drawing her cat over and over again ... this made everyone else draw cards with cats for her.  I asked about the cats back legs and this is how Zaroica remembered them!


    Now, her mother decided to get her another cat ... she also named her Kelsey . I think this is very cute.

    Our main character

    Now it is time to find a name for our character, please vote to find the best one :


    In Munich, we have voted for our favorite syllabus. It was CHA.

    Then we played with the syllabus of the 5 countries. We liked this name and we could read it ourselves. We were very proud of us!

    Here is a video of what the Maltese children said about the character... this helped them to make the begining of the story: