Our common stories

  •  The "gingerbread man" and "the enormous turnip" will be our 2 common stories !


    The Enormous Turnip 

    Il-Ġidra Enormi 

    So today we acted out the story and posted these photostories in English and Maltese.


    This was a good way to teach the concept heavy and light.


    And now for some turnip tasting :)

    In Greece...








    In Germany :


    Hello etwinning partners ... and here are the characters and their names in Maltese  :)


    All the classes studied this book ! Let's learn how to say the name of the characters in our different languages :



    We loved hearing the other pupils saying the names of the characters.



    The gingerbread man


    If you want to learn how to make gingerbread men, here is the recipe in french :



    Making gingerbread men with our Maltese partners

    27th November - Cooking gingerbead man with our french partners

    Hello to the french team ... thank you for your explanation and guidance in making our gingerbread man.  As you can expect we did not take so much pictures with our hands so full of dough but we did want you to see our final product.  The recipe is yummy good and we shared with other school teachers too!



    Thanks for making the recipe with us ! We had fun ! Here are our décorated gingerbread men !


    décorons nos bonhommes de pain d'épice

    Dear French students ... after we saw how well you decorated your yummy gingerbread man, little Jacob decided to bring his own soft toy just to show you :)





    5th December cooking Gingerbread man in our school



     Our  calendar for year 2018 with Gingerbread men