L'illustration visio spatiale pour changer de perspective et aider à la compréhension / Illustration as a visual and spatial representation : a matter of point of view ? or a help for comprehension ?

  • Here you 'll find explanations about how to use visual and spatial icone to illustrate stories and how it enhances the comprehension skills. You can share with your partners the stories you read in your class that use this kind of illustration.

    During Christmas time, I visited my mum and family. While I was shopping, I found an interesting book that could inspire us for our landscape. Here are some of the illustrations of the book... 

    Even if it is about fairytales, I found the illustrations beautiful ! 


    And now, here is the way Warja Lavater used to illustrate the stories :

    In our class, we'll also use this version of "the 3 little pigs"