Robot challenge - Kissing Chaloutorlado


    Malta Kindergarten ages 4years and 5 Year olds

    Beebot challenge – Kiss Chaloutorlado at the same time


    Group 1

    This group is made up of two boys, both Italians and two girls, one Maltese and the other Bulgarian.  The Italian boys are teamed with the girls and both take over coding the beebot immediately.  They are confident individuals and they even have a bit of rivalry going on.  This is shown when they have to decide who goes first through the passage.  Pietro and Naomi pass through first although you can hear the other boy, Diego protesting in Italian.  The girls are kind of peacemakers.  They give advice about what to do in a calm manner and let the boys program it.  However this means that the Bulgarian girl, Ema, is not a willing participant and is heard asking me if she can go to the next activity as soon as they are done with the task.  The boys do not involve the girls much.  Sometimes the beebot changes position … a bit of cheating or an honest mistake?  I wonder.


    Group 2

    This group is made of 3 Maltese girls and a Maltese boy.  Yet again I can see that the two girls in the middle dominate the game.  They are heard screaming and bickering over everything, who goes first and even what to do.  One of the girls, Alaizah is very vocal and has a plan straight away.  However, she lets her partner Mariah take over when coding the beebot because she says that she does not know how to do it.  They are seen positioning the beebot to their advantage at times and although I do not say anything, I can see that they want to win the task.  The only boy in the game takes a very passive role and only helps out when I ask him to.  I feel that this is also because normally when we do beebot games they children work individually and never in pairs and so this was new to them!


    Group 3

    This group is made out of the youngest children and the less experienced in coding.  One of the boys, Ahmed,  instantly figures out what he has to do but he has a problem expressing himself since he is Egyptian and has an accent when he talks in Maltese.  The others, all Maltese do not always understand him and are also all thinking of what they want to do rather than listening to his very good ideas.  Furthermore, when they do figure out what to do, they have a lot of problems with making the beebot move were they want him to.  They forget to press the x (the clear button) and they have to enter the instructions on the beebot bit by bit.  Also the girl hardly lets her partner try out … she thinks that he is not able to do it.  The two boys on the other hand cooperate well with each other.  Although you can tell that the whole group are getting frustrated by the game since they are unable to always code the beebot well, they persist in doing the task although I do end up helping them a lot (maybe more than I should have).  They finally manage with a lot of help.  It is also worth noting that after the game, they ask to still keep playing with the beebot and so improve their skills well.  When I ask if they’d like to do it again, they however decline since they prefer to just experiment without any rules.


    FRANCE 4 and 5 years old (MS) :

    1st group : Taha, Gaspard, Charlyn and Romain (the children chose their partner)


    Groupe 1 Résolution collaborative de problème

    Groupe 2


    Groupe 2 MS résolution collaborative de problèmes

    4 and 5 tears old : 3rd group : Pauline, Marine, Charlie and Chloé


    Groupe 3 MS résolution de problèmes


    FRANCE 5 and 6 years old (GS) :


    Groupe 1 GS activité résolution collaborative de problèmes 1st group 5 and 6 years old : Soren, Antoine, Ewena and Léo


    2nd group GS 5 and 6 years old : These pupils have been in my class for nearly 2 years. They are used to work collaboratively and they like it.


    Groupe 2 GS résolution collaborative de problèmes


    3rd Group :

    GS résolution collaborative de problèmes

    And younger and older students together now:


    Groupe mixte MS/GS résolution collaborative de problèmes




    The group is made of 2 boys, Aggelos  and Dimitris 6 years old.Unfotunately, despite of the childrens'  efforts the two beebots didn't succed at the same time to program and kiss Chalotourlando.