Tangrams, puzzles, fun stuff

  • After learning how to build a TANGRAM, the students-artists (IIS T. Salvini 2D) worked on their Art Works. Each of them wrote a caption to explain the meaning of their outcomes transforming the geogebra booklet in an e.gallery TANGRAM AND STUDENTS’ ART WORKS

    • Learn how to make tangrams....It is not only about games, but even about Maths and Creativeness. Let's start with TANGRAM ( )
    • ​Have a look at the nice gallery of Tangram artwork from students of (IIS T. Salvini 2D) (I).
    • Learn how to make different puzzles (GER)  -  download Powerpoint 
    • Worksheet to create a Tangram (in french). Inspired by German teacher
    • More creations in the GeoGebra Tangram Book (RO, FR)
    • Puzzles make fun! Here is the one GeoGebra Puzzle that is different from tangram ! It has been created by Lorenz (GER).

    More puzzles in the GeoGebra Book (GER)