Logo wanted for this TS

  • We are looking for the best project logo

    On the left side of the title of our project you can see a box "your logo here" (a square or rectangle  of 120 x 80 px). Your logo should look nice even if it is minimized so that it fits into the field. 

    Rules for creating the logo

    - Create logos and upload them to TS Materials to LOGOS folder. The more you upload the better! :-)

    - The logos should be in jpeg or png format (square) 

    - The logo should look nice and be a real symbol of the project and its work with GeoGebra

    ​-  It can be drawn by hand or Gimp or .... GeoGebra and should have the GeogGbra logo inside..

    - Write your name and country in the name of the logo-file.

    ​- Students and teachers may participate.

    ​- If there are more than 3 logos of each school please decide which three of your logos should participate for the international vote.

    ​- Teachers, please paste your 3 logos from your students in the table below (table will be here in time).

    Rules for voting

    - Each country can give 3, 2 or 1 point to three logos they like the best.

    ​- Countries CANNOT vote for their own logos.  

    ​- Voting will be closed 1rst may 2018.

    Thanks to Jana and Vaclav who wrote a similar voting page for another project.

    -How to create a logo How to Create a logo