String art

  • String art originally is a sort of handcraft. It can be modeled by using GeoGebra can be done in a static way, dynamically and by using sliders to create more compex constructions. 


    • ‚ÄčWorksheet how to implement sliders to change the number of nails (dealing with lists) - in English, in German by Pestalozzi Gymnasium Unna (DE)
    • GeoGebra Book with work of students of the Erasmus+ team at Pestalozzi Gymnasium Unna (DE)
    • GeoGebra Book: “String Art and Task” realized by Italian students, IIS Tommaso Salvini Technological Pole (RM), task given by Monika Schwarze- Pestalozzi Gymnasium (DE). Click into the picture to see the GeoGebra Book and task

    GeoGebraBook String Art & Parabola