About the project

  • Start of the project: The main focus

    Paintings, graphics, objects from real life can be constructed and modeled with GeoGebra. By this topics from math, art and other subject can be  discovered and learned by students. 
    We will gather constructions from students that are embeded in this TS and in GeoGebra books as a common collection of class results. Worksheets and presentation of tasks via PP or Prezi will be included, too. But we will also have tasks that require cooperation and collaboration among students as well as among teachers.
    The aim is to improve students' motivation (for math, art und digital work) and to foster creativity. A lot of activities will improve computational thinking, too. On the teachers' hand we will exchange ideas how we can work in a cross-curricular way in short learning units e.g. in math lessons.


    End of the project: a short summary of our work