• The idea:

    Students of 3 countries have collaborated to create one nice artwork of minimal art. Inspired by a German artist of minimal art students create an animated art work  (= TEAM ART WORK) similiar to this artist in 3 steps.  

    1. Students chose one a picture of minimal art e.g. from daily geometry website and put it in the TS. 
    2. A GeoGebra construction is done.
    3. This GeoGebra construction is animated at the end.


    • All TEAM ART is created in three steps by students of 3 different countries
    • Country 1 add the minimal art to the table of one of this pages (width =150 pixel)
    • Country 2 create a static geogebra file, put a picture of the construction in the second column of the table and send it to country 3. 
    • Country 3 animates this file and put a link to the Geogebra space or embed the animation in the third colomn (width not more than 250 pix).