Resources from the internet

  • This is a growing collection of ressources e.g. useful wepages, lesson plans, videos and files that we have found on the internet.


    • Webpage of Daniel Mentrard: He has created hundreds of GeoGebra files- listed according situations of real life. You can lots of ideas for new projects! (in French)
    • Math Hombre: math and art- people, lessons, classroom material, ...
    • Webpage from Malin Christersson with a lot of ideas for combination of math and art and a lot of special hints for teachers
    • Webpage with a lot of dynamics animations for using directly.
    • Gotische Fenster- it is a learning unit in German about gothic constructions. but the page of "Konstruktionen" shows how to construct pattern of windows in geothic churches

    Useful files for maths lessons constructed by people of the GeoGebra community: 

    • ​Theorem of Pythagore: 30 proofs withouts words -by Steve Phelps > go there
    • Linear functions: car race with a lot of interactivity -> go there
    • Circle Area and Pi- Massimo Vezzani ->LINK
    • Area of a circle approximated by a triangle (if circumference and PI are clear) and some nice activities by T. Brezenzeski -> LINK
    • Nets of solids by Rebecca Howard -> LINK
    • Exploring nets of simple solids by GEOGEBRA DOKU Team -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Geometry (Congruence) Volume 1 -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Geometry (Congruence) Volume 2 -> LINK
    • Rotational and refelction symmetry -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Geometry (Similarity, Right Triangles & Trigonometry) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Geometry (Circles) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Geometry (Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations) ->  LINK
    • CCSS High School: Geometry (Geometric Measurement & Dimension) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School Geometry (Modeling with Geometry) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School Geometry (Challenges) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Functions (Interpreting Functions) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Functions (Building Functions) -> LINK
    • CCSS High School: Functions (Linear, Quadratic, Exponential) ->LINK
    • CCSS High School Functions (Trigonometric Functions) -> LINK

    ​Useful GeoGebra Books (related to art): 

    • Vasarely OP- Art (Milanoff) - > go there

    ​Useful videos e.g. on youtube with a short comment:

    Topic Description LINK
    animation, graphics Pooja Gupta offers tutorials that explain clearly and easy to undestand how to make create wonderful animations and colorful graphics. A lot of ideas for own and similiar projects!  LINK
    Basics for start and stop of animations Kristie Van Aucker describes how to start and stop animations by buttons LINK
    Animation of circle pattern Graphic pattern created by repeated dilation and rotation using the spreadsheets.Nice work from Arthur Lee   LINK
    see also our self-made videos    LINK