• Learning scenarios

    We found inspiration for mixed nationality group work at training events in learning scenarios which are part of the Future Classroom Toolkit made within the EC-funded iTEC project.
    "A Future Classroom Scenario is a narrative description of teaching and learning that provides a clear vision for innovation and advanced pedagogical practice supported by technology. The toolkit can be used to introduce or scale up innovative use of digital technologies in a school or across a number of schools within an education system." (

    The essential steps of "School 21"  project collaboration are creating - rehearsing - presenting.

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    Learning scenario material to get ideas and templates


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    How to convert a PPT into a video







    "School 21" training events scenarios


    Training Event Puławy activities                     


    Training Event Lugoj activities



    Training Event Schwetzingen activities


    Training Event Pápa activities 

    Learning scenario Papa meeting.docx


    Training Event Tábor activities

    INNOVATION CAMP 2019.docx


    TÁBOR RALLY 2019.docx